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Dahi Batata Puri


You need to make 2 chutneys first, after that it’s an assembling job. the 2 chutneys also decide the final taste. One is a sweet tamarind chutney, the other is a hot cilantro chutney.


1st chutney.


Boil a cupful of dry tamarind(imli) in a cup of water, keep on a rolling boil for 5mins.

Cool this mixture, mash with fingers, remove any seeds and whip in a blender for a couple of mins.

Strain this thick tamarind liquid(about a cup) add 1/2 to 1 cup sugar and boil.

cool-add cummin and a dash of garam masala-this is the sweet chutney


2nd chutney

In a blender jar put a cupful of cilantro leaves, 6-7 green chillies, 6-7 cloves of garlic, salt, juice of one lime and a small onion(to get a smooth blend) blend on high speed till smooth. this is the hot-green chutney.


Chop a couple of boiled potatoes and a couple of onions-finely. this is the filling of the puri.


Generally there are 6 puris to a plate. take 6 puris-punch holes with your thumb(one side of the puri is always thinner than the other-punch the thin side)fill them with the chopped potatoes and onions, sprinkle chaat masala(this can be bought readymade or just mix salt/black salt/red chilli powder/dry mango powder/cummin powder) put a t.sp of each of the chutneys, a tb.sp of beaten yogurt(sweetened if needed)on each of the puris and have a generous sprinkling of sev, drizzle some extra sweet chutney on top and if you prefer some moong sprouts-serve- Bon Appetit.


N.B. If you prefer the filling can be Ragda-this makes the puri hot & cold(hot ragda and cold yogurt)

The sweet chutney can be made with other sweeteners as well-instead of sugar use jaggery or dates-recipes on my blog.

Silver Bracelet

shot a Silver Bracelet for a Jeweler.

Wedding Photographer in Mumbai

Preeta and Nilesh Zacharias
“Bharat, you’re a gem, I feel so lucky to have asked you to shoot my wedding, thank you so much for our photographs and for making us feel so relaxed that day”
Preeta & Nilesh Zacharias

“Bharat Mirchandani delivers a unique style of photography, producing images which are natural, relaxed and spontaneous. His photography captures not only the events of the day but also the feeling and emotion of the wedding recreating the complete story”. Ms. Janet Lobo

I can be contacted at & 9820047990

Food photographer, chef and stylist in Mumbai

Food photographer, chef, stylist in Mumbai

Over the last few years, I’ve had a few hundred phone calls from people that have found me on the Internet or through my published work and were interested in hiring me to do their food photography. Many of them had never hired a food photographer before.
I’ve had calls from Ice-Cream makers, Mithai shops, Pizza Makers, Chocolate Makers, Restaurants, Packaged food cos. etc.
For the person hiring a food photographer for the first time there are several things he/she ought to know.
Food photography is a highly specialized field and so get a specialist food photographer. In my case I’m the photographer, chef and stylist and with my years of experience with cooking and styling I can create any food item and any food shot the client requires usually within budget. A collection of props is needed for ‘the look” for this you would need a prop stylist, though I have a huge collection of plates, bowls, mats, backgrounds, I also rent out when the need arises.
Should one shoot on location? Preferably not. I need a million things when I’m shooting and if I’ve to shoot on location I would not be able to take all the stuff with me, so unless the location is part of the picture, I’d rather shoot in the studio…….to be contd. My photos are here:
Do you want to know how much a photo shoot would cost? Send an email or give a call with details about your shoot, and I will fax or email back a written estimate. Include information about:
  • How many final images do you need?
  • How will the images be used?
  • Where will the shoot be, in my studio or on location?
  • What are your budget and time constraints?
Bharat Mirchandani Photography email:
                                                      cell: 98200 47990

Menu Card design and photography in Mumbai

Last week I was asked to design and shoot a menu card for a restaurant in my locality(lokhandwala). The owner wanted 20 photos- design and photography had to be done in 3 days. I pride myself as the finest food photographer in Mumbai and sometimes it takes me an entire day for that one food shot to come up to my standards, sometimes it may take just an hour, to set up the food, the props, the backgrounds and lighting and the 1st picture is a keeper.

To cater to such rushed jobs I’ve got stock photographs of all kinds of cuisines, and my stock library of food shots is being updated on a daily basis, I showed my client several design options for the menu card(one was selected)and my stock images, the client approved 20 food shots and the menu card was printed and delivered within time and within budget..

So in my spare time i.e. when I’m not shooting for clients, I set up food shots but don’t sell them to stock agencies, I sell them to direct clients. Check out more photos here:

sweet potatoes in jaggery


by BharatMirchandani on Mar-26-10 10:16pm

Last evening at the Ballroom of The Leela was an Audiovisual presentation on Belgium. When I entered I found the second row empty, I took my seat, eventually it was occupied by most of the speakers. Her Highness Princess Mathilde of Belgium arrived looking stunning in a white skirt and a purple blouse and sat on the front row right in front of me, I could almost smell her hair, that’s the closest I’ve got to a Princess.

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